When visiting the one-of-a-kind island of Singapore, Gardens By The Bay is a must-see. This spectacular park is a perfect example of how Singapore takes pride in being “a city inside a garden”, rather than placing gardens sporadically throughout the downtown area. Even when riding on the MRT – Singapore’s subway system – there are beautiful gardens at the station, on the platforms, and everywhere in between. Being a born and raised New Yorker, I found this take on urban planning and development beyond refreshing, and it made the city all the more enjoyable.

Another huge upside of this concept is the sheer beauty of the city, making Singapore appealing to anyone remotely interested in photography. Specifically, Gardens By The Bay offers endless opportunities for awesome photos, making it an Intagrammer’s dream come true!

Here are some of our favorite, most jaw-dropping sections of the park:

  • Cloud Forest: A glass dome with a mountain of lush greenery and a cascading waterfall that you can walk inside of. If you’re more into florals than greenery, the Flower Dome is right next to the Cloud Forest. You do have to buy separate tickets to each attraction in order to enter, but both domes are seriously impressive.
  • OCBC Skyway: An elevated walkway that takes you through the Supertree Grove. It’s especially a sight to see at night when they light up each supertree, turning it into a multicolored spectacle. From the walkway you get an awesome view of the Singapore skyline, the Marina Bay Sands hotel, and the Singapore Flyer. However, you’ll have to buy a ticket and wait in line to get up to the walkway, but it’s totally worth it if you want the ultimate view!
  • Supertree Grove: Even if you don’t do the OCBC Skyway, just sitting on the lawn underneath these awesome tree-like creations is a treat. Every night around 8:30 PM there’s a thirty-minute light and music show – and it’s free!

There are so many other things to see at Gardens By The Bay and all over Singapore – the Insta opportunities are endless!

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