Where To Eat Bangkok

Whether you’re in Bangkok for an extended period of time or just stopping through, do NOT miss out on the wonderful food this city has to offer. That being said, the city is pretty large, and choices can be overwhelming, but we got you covered! Here is a list of places that will guarantee you an awesome Bangkok food experience.

Street Food

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Food Highlights:

  • Garlic bread at Hello Garlic. This garlic bread changed my life! Order the original, not the flavored.
  • Squid eggs (right next to the Hello Garlic stand)
  • Milk tea (also right next to the Hello Garlic stand). Even if you don’t order one, you can watch the free entertainment of the guys making the tea!
  • Giant huge pans of paella
  • Crispy pork bowls
  • Fresh coconuts to drink
  • Quail eggs
  • Sit down restaurants within the market selling many traditional thai dishes
Best Street Food in Bangkok

Night Train Market

Food Highlights:

  • Chicken tenders with flavored seasoning and sauce
  • Giant coconut drinks (super refreshing in the heat)
  • Grilled banana with chocolate and coconut sauce
  • Cheese fries
  • Fried roti
  • Insects (if you’re a brave one!)
  • Traditional thai food at sit down stands
Bangkok Street Food


Food Highlights:

  • Black sesame ball in hot ginger tea
  • T&K seafood (famous spot with super long lines – you’ll see the staff in lime green shirts)
  • Milk tea and sweet toast at I Am Toast (located down one of the side streets)
  • Mango sticky rice
  • Gyoza
  • Dumplings
Street Food Bangkok

Thai Restaurants


Come here for the best pad thai in Bangkok. The line will most likely be intimidatingly long, but it moves super quickly, so don’t let it deter you. We each ordered one Regular and one Suberb (yes – that is four pad thais for two people and no we are not ashamed). Both were delicious but we would definitely recommend the Suberb, pad thai cooked in shrimp oil and wrapped in an egg casing, if you’re just choosing one.

Best Pad Thai Bangkok

Poisien (Pumpkin Lady)

The most authentic Thai food we had in Thailand! Thsi place is hard to find as there is no sign and no address. But don’t fret! We mapped out exactly how to get there if you’re down for a food adventure.

Fine Dining


Bangkok is home to Asia’s #1 Restaurant, Gaggan. If you enjoy multi-course fine dining experiences definitely don’t skip this place! If you’re lucky you may even land a seat at the chef’s table and get a chance to meet Gaggan himself. The menu is 25 courses and each item is an emoji that represents the dish, meaning there is no description for what you are about to eat, so don’t come here unless you are an adventurous eater! Check out Chef Gaggan’s episode on The Chef’s Table on Netflix to see what he’s all about.

Gaggan Menu
Gaggan Bangkok

Cheese Room Hilton

Cheese is something we really missed while traveling in Asia! If you’re in the same boat, you’ll be glad to learn that the Hilton has a Cheese Room (yes, an entire room dedicated to cheese) in their restaurant where you can fill your plate with all sorts of imported cheeses from around the world! The rest of the buffet was impressive as well, but the cheese room was definitely the highlight of our meal.

Fast Food

Shopping Mall Food Courts

Shopping malls in Asia are seriously next-level, especially when it comes to the food courts. It’s not uncommon for people to go to a mall solely for the purpose of eating a meal. Here you’ll find everything, from authentic thai food, to large international chains.

Korean Food


McDonalds delivers in most parts of Asia, so if you love Big Macs as much as we do, don’t miss out on your chance to have McDelivery! The delivery is free and you can order straight from an app on your phone. You need to have a Thai phone number, but if you’re spending a good bit of time in Thailand, you will most likely have gotten a Thai SIM card (we highly recommend this over an international data plan as they are very cheap for unlimited data).

Hope we made you hungry!

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