Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is a beautiful and interesting place, situated on the water, with tons of Nordic history interwoven between the islands that make up the city. Stockholm’s beauty continues underneath the city, through its subway system that is essentially one giant art exhibit. Some of the stations are so impressive, that tourists can pay to go on art tours throughout the metro with a local guide showing them the way. This sounded like one of the more unique things to do in Stockholm!



We were so intrigued by Stockholm’s subway system that we did a little research of our own and ventured out (or rather under) to explore some of the more famous stations on our own. We’ve put together a self-guided tour for you guys so you can do the same when you visit Stockholm!


The best part about this tour is that you can do it all on one or two metro tickets (depending on how much time you plan to spend at each station), so it’s a super budget-friendly way to have an underground adventure in this wonderful city!


A single-ride metro ticket in Stockholm is SEK 44 ($5.01 USD) for 75 minutes, or SEK 31 ($3.52) if you are paying with an SL Access card. We were in Stockholm, Sweden for a full week, so we opted for the 7 day travel card, giving us unlimited subway rides for only SEK 325 ($37.00 USD).


We did all four of the following stops in 1 hour, starting at T-Centralen around 1:30 PM when the metro stations were pretty empty. Try to go on off-peak hours so you can get some photos without the rush hour crowds getting in the way!

The Self-Guided Tour Route:


  • Stop 1 T-Centralen: Start at T-Centralen Blue Lines (T10, T11)
  • Stop 2 Radhuset: From T-Centralen take T10 towards Hjulsta or T11 towards Akalla ONE STOP to Radhuset
  • Stop 3 Solna Centrum: From Radhuset take T11 toward Akalla FOUR STOPS to Solna Centrum
  • Stop 4 Stadion: From Solna Centrum take T11 towards Kungstradgarden FIVE STOPS back to T-Centralen. Transfer at T-Centralen to red line and take T14 towards Morby Centrum TWO STOPS to Stadion

Stop 1: T-Centralen Blue Lines T10, T11 – White & Blue Murals

Enter the station and follow signs for the Blue Line



Begin the tour at Stockholm’s central station, T-Centralen. Follow signs for the blue lines, T10 and T11, where you’ll enter the blue and white painted murals. Take the escalator down and explore the tracks from one end to the other before hopping on the metro to get to your next station.



Stop 2: Radhuset Blue Line T10, T11 – Pink Cave

From T-Centralen, ride T10 (towards Hjulsta) or T11 (towards Akalla) ONE STOP to Radhuset



Once you’re finished exploring T-Centralen’s blue line, hop on either the T10 towards Hjulsta or the T11 towards Akalla and ride one stop. Get off and you’re in the pink caves of the Radhuset station! This station was super cool, but unfortunately the lighting on our phone cameras made the walls look brown instead of pink, so our photos don’t really do this station the justice it deserves.



Stop 3: Solna Centrum Blue Line T11 – Gates of Hell

From Radhuset, ride T11 (toward Akalla) FOUR STOPS to Solna Centrum



After you’re done exploring Radhuset’s pink caves, hop right back on the T11 toward Akalla and ride four stops to Solna Centrum station. Here you’ll find the green, black, and red murals surrounding the station. Make sure to head to the escalators on either side where you can get a great photo of the escalators disappearing into the fiery red hole in the ceiling. We definitely spent the most time at this station, as we wanted to get a perfect shot of Jesi riding the escalator up through the Gates of Hell.



Stop 4: Stadion Red Line T14 – Rainbows

From Solna Centrum, ride T11 (towards Kungstradgarden) FIVE STOPS back to T-Centralen. Transfer at T-Centralen to the Red Line and ride T14 (towards Morby Centrum) TWO STOPS to Stadion



Hop on the T11 towards Kungstradgarden and ride five stops back to T-Centralen. This is where you will transfer from the blue line over to the red line. Follow the signs that will take you down to the red line. Take T14 towards Morby Centrum and ride two stops to Stadion, the final metro station on our self-guided tour! This station is all sunshine and rainbows, pretty much the exact opposite of the Solna Centrum station you just came from. Walk to the center of the platforms and you’ll find a huge rainbow stretching across the center!




And there you have it, you’ve just seen four of Stockholm’s most interesting metro stations! That being said, there are TONS of other interesting stations to check out, so please don’t feel like you have to stick to this list. Here are some other stations that may be worth checking out:

  • Kungstradgarden Blue Line: Green, red, black, and white patterns from floor to ceiling
  • Alby Red Line: Fairytale garden murals from floor to ceiling
  • Odenpalm Green Line: LED lights in zig-zaggy patterns across the ceiling
  • Tensta Blue Line: Cave-man style drawings all across the walls and ceilings
  • Akalla Blue Line: Bright yellow walls
  • Thoridsplan Station: Pixelated murals and video game references
  • Tekniska Hogskolan Red Line: Murals depicting the four elements (earth, air, fire, water)

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