About Us

Cabell & Jesica Brown

Pretired Since January 2018


We first met in the summer of 2011, got married in Memphis, Tennessee in October 2017, quit our day jobs in January 2018, and promptly embarked on a journey across the world, on what we now like to call our “pretirement”. The most common responses we received from family and friends when telling them about our travel plans were, “WOW I am so jealous, I wish I could do something like that” or “You two are so lucky, I wish I would have done that when I was your age.” These reactions are what ultimately inspired us to start the pretirement – a forum where we can share our experiences, tips, and knowledge with hopes of inspiring others and showing them that they CAN and SHOULD do something like this.


So what does it mean to be pretired?


When we made the decision to uproot our lives and begin traveling, we fell in love with the idea of treating our trip as a mini, early retirement. That got us thinking about the true definition of ‘retirement’. It could be full financial stability, but many people retire at 65 without enough money to endure our ever-increasing life expectancy. So does retirement just mean that you’re not working? Maybe, but many retired people continue to work in certain areas that they are passionate about. The only difference is that this work isn’t considered ’employment’. The more we thought about it, the harder it was to really nail down a universal definition of ‘retirement’, because it can really mean different things to different people.


But what resonated the most with us was the concept of freedom – “doing what I want, when I want.”


This definition, centered around a sense of financial and temporal freedom, aligned perfectly with what we had in mind for our travels, and led us to coin the term ‘pretirement’. Working 40+ hours per week, every week, for 40+ more years, with no break (aside from the US-standard two weeks vacation), until we were old farts didn’t sound all that interesting to either one of us. But the good news is… there’s no rule preventing you from taking a break, or ‘pretirement’, whenever you feel like it! So that’s what we did. We didn’t wait, and now we’re here to show you that taking a pretirement is entirely possible for anyone and everyone, regardless of the stage of life you are in.